New Mom


Finding Licensed Childcare for Your Toddler in Hamilton

I don’t live under a rock, and if you don’t either it’s no surprise to you that finding childcare or daycare for your baby or toddler is tough.  I’d long read stories of insanely long wait lists in Toronto, and had figured that arranging childcare should be a priority during my mat leave, but I […]

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Healthcare Resources

The number I just added to my iPhone contacts, and you should too!

I definitely need more than one hand to count the number of times I’ve had to take my little one to be seen by a doctor.  In fact, I might even need to start counting on my feet soon.  In addition to his well-baby checkups, we’ve had to take him in for high fevers, vomitting, […]

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My Parenting Journey

Hey there!

Welcome to Raising Hamilton!  The idea for this site has been brewing in my mind since I became pregnant in 2016 and was a brand new mama to be in a brand new city, Hamilton, Ontario.  I literally didn’t have a family doctor, didn’t have any local friends, and barely knew my way around the […]

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