Hamilton Toddler Adventures: a Friday morning at Soccerworld’s Bouncers and Balls

Disclaimer: We were provided entry into Soccerworld for this morning’s Bouncers and Balls session in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own.

About a month ago I was searching for toddler soccer programs since our child is proving to be much more adept than we are at coordinating himself to kick, throw and bounce balls. During my search I came across the Bouncers and Balls drop in program at Soccerworld in Hamilton. How on earth had I not heard about this before? How many winter Fridays could I have taken my little guy here to burn energy when we were unable to play outdoors?

So this morning at 9:30am we headed over to Soccerworld at 104 Frid Street, Hamilton, where we found a crowd of parents, grandparents and tots under the age of 4. I was a little worried when we arrived that there were so many people waiting, but as soon as we went through the doors it was clear that there is more than enough space for everyone!

Literally as soon as we set foot on the turf, my toddler ran… and ran…. and ran. The setup at Bouncers and Balls is basically his heaven. There were large bouncy balls, soccer balls, tunnels, hula hoops, and pylons galore. He plays with his tunnels and balls all the time at home, but to have a nice soft grassy surface to play on was awesome. There were also four massive bouncy attractions that included space to jump, run and slide.

We went with friends which was really nice. The space was open enough and yet secure so it was okay to let our two year olds run a significant distance knowing they were still safe and having a great time. It allowed the mamas to chat and the kids to play without having to worry about things like cars and water like you would at park or conservation area. And of course, this means that a morning at Bouncers and Balls is possible no matter the weather— every mom’s dream!

I was also very impressed with the hands on approach of the staff who were located around the field. They made sure the little ones were safe as they entered and exited the bouncy structures and took time to interact with them by passing balls to them and just talking to them.

It definitely made me smile to know that we were taking part in a local activity that my toddler enjoyed 100%. It’s not often that we go somewhere and he will explore freely and keep himself busy. When we check out new places and activities he can sometimes be clingy or requires a lot of encouragement. At Soccerworld he was running around free as a bird— and that freedom is really important for his development too. I purposely gave him a long “leash” so to speak, and it was good for him to have to look to other people for help to climb into the bouncy castles or to help him get a ball from in a net.

Needless to say, Bouncers and Balls is about to become part of our regular Friday repertoire. I love being able to do things with my little guy that he loves, especially before nap time and especially if we have errands and running around to do in the afternoon. As I write, he’s passed out in his crib— his eyes closed the minute I put him down. That’s a win in my books!

Bouncers and Balls is a drop-in program at Soccerworld at 104 Frid Street, Hamilton, and runs most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:30am-12pm. You can check the calendar on their website to confirm whether there is a session on a day when you’re looking to visit. Admission is $5 per child, and children under 9 months are free with a paid sibling.

Unfortunately almost all of our pictures were blurry because this guy didn’t stop running, jumping and bouncing the entire time!

Raising Hamilton would like to say a big thank you to Soccerworld for having us as guests today. We’ll definitely be back… and we’ll definitely be bringing friends!

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